Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's for Supper?

It is about 55 degrees (F) outside tonight, and the three of us are fighting colds. Now, most of you are probably thinking "SOUP [Duh, Ashley]" but you don't know my hubby. He won't eat anything resembling soup, (gravy, sauces, etc...) So, I opted for spaghetti. When we got married, he had never really eaten pasta. (Never even tried Mac and Cheese! Whhaaat?!) But he will eat spaghetti now and again.

So, Lil'bug and I ran to the store and got some hot Italian sausage and came home and made supper. Delish!

What did you have for supper?

P.S. Thanks for the Boxy Advent Calender love! <3

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