About Me

KnittyBittyMommy, aka Ashley! I am currently a stay at home mama, housewife, teacher (no, really! I have the degree to prove it!), chef, taxi driver, nurse, handy woman. I am also a seamstress, crafter, and avid DIYer.

I am married to an amazing, kindhearted goofball--Brad. We went to middle school together! He actually asked me to be his girlfriend in 7th grade. (I said, "No." Booo!) His family moved half way across the country (to TX) while we were in high school, but we stayed in touch. While in our 3rd year of college, we decided to meet up again and just catch up. A few months later, we were engaged and Brad was moving back from TX to be closer to me! The rest is history! <3

We were blessed with a beautiful little girl during the blazing summer of 2010. She is the most perfect being that has ever existed. We are so lucky to have her!

Anyway, that is just a little bit about us! Thanks for stopping by, and we hope that you stop back soon!

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