Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scrap Bustin' Tonight!

I am enjoying the season premier of The Office with the hubbs right now. It is a little weird without the hilarity of Michael Scott, though. Meh.

We had grilled chicken and salads tonight! Who knew healthy could be so good?!  This was the hubby's salad. His had salad, mozz cheese, peppercorn ranch, bacon crumbles, and grilled chicken. Mine was just salad, peas, light Italian, a little mozz, and chicken. They were delish!

I am super excited to get started on my craftin' tonight! I have been drawing up a pattern for a hat for Lil'big that I want to get made first. Once that is finished, I have about a kazillion little scrap busters that I want to make! My scrap drawer is overflowing, so this really is a high priority. Right? Right!

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