Monday, October 3, 2011

Quilted Christmas Ornament -- Tutorial!

I've been slacking on the completed project front lately. And that darn sleeve issue last night really had me down. So, I pulled out my scrap drawer and turned on some Christmas tunes. (Yes, I did. It makes me feel better.) I ended up making some quilted ornaments! I used the same method as this to make some sensory shapes for Lil'bug when I first started sewing a couple of months ago with just a few changes (I will explain later.)

First things first, cut out a shape from a piece of paper for your pattern. My Christmas tree was 4'' tall, and 4" wide at the widest part. Get out some of the fabrics that you like for the quilted side, and cut them in strips (1''-2''). I like to set mine out and play with the order until I find what I think looks best. Make sure it is big enough! Don't forget to account for 1/4" seam allowances.

Starting at the bottom, grab two strips and place right sides together. Like this:

Sew together along one side (back stitch at the beginning and end):

Get out your trusty ol' iron and press the strips open. Grab the next piece and line up with the top of the pieces already sewn together. Sew along the top line just as you did for the first two strips, and press open. Continue doing this until all of the pieces are sewn together.

Once that is finished, lay down (in this order!!) the batting, back piece of printed fabric facing up, and the quilted piece facing down. Lay your pattern over the top, and trace with marking pen of choice. (I still rock the chalk. haha) 
Whew, I was cutting it pretty close here!

Pin inside of your lines, and cut the shape out. (If you didn't account for seam allowances when you cut out your pattern piece, cut 1/4'' outside of your markings.) 

Sew around the shape, leaving a space enough turn it right side out. TIP: I always put a little red tag (see photo above) in between the layers when I need to leave a space. I start sewing at one side of it, and end when I get to the other side. You wouldn't believe how many times I have forgotten to leave that darn space! It is so important here to back stitch at the beginning and end! You don't want the seams coming undone when you try turning it out.

When you turn the shape out, make sure you are doing it so that your fabrics will be on the outside, not the batting. (This makes more sense when you are actually doing it.) Top stitch the opening closed, and go all the way around the shape (it keeps it from getting too wonky.) I added some buttons to the tops of my trees so that the little wire ornament hanger has something to hold onto.

Lil'bug's Sensory Shapes: To make sensory shapes for the little one, I made some small adjustments. I made the shapes a bit bigger (example, the square was 5 1/2'' x 5 1/2'' when it was finished.) Also, I used some different fabrics-- lots of bright colors to stimulate her sight, and different types (velvet, minky, flannel, etc) to stimulate her sense of touch. In some of them, I decided to sew in some cellophane to make a crinkle noise. Some have a couple little bells. There is seriously so much you can do! If there is any interest, I can make a tutorial specific to these. They are a lot of fun!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these fun little scrap busters! They can be used as ornaments, on a wrapped gift as decoration, etc.


  1. These are so cute! I love to make my own ornaments. Thank you for the idea.

  2. Wow! This is great. They are going to look so awesome on your tree this year!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh how I'd love to make this for gifts this year!! but I only just found it... and time is running out!! but I pinned it and I'm printing it and I even blogged it!! woohoo!

    thanks so much!

    amy in peru

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