Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have never been more terrified in my entire life!

Tonight, Lil'bug was being a little difficult around bedtime. I am not into the Cry It Out method, so when she starts crying and whatnot, I head in there to comfort her and try and put her back to bed.  It was the second time I had to head in there tonight, and my hubby decided to make his own lunch for work tomorrow since I was busy with the babes. He went out to the truck to get his lunch pack, and somehow locked himself out (also, didn't have his phone.)

After about five minutes, I had the little one calmed down, and back in her crib. I sneak out of her room, and walk into the kitchen to see a FIGURE outside of the kitchen window looking in. All I could see was a figure, and some eyes. I freaked. I SCREAMED like a nutcase, fell on the floor, and started sobbing. I wasn't kidding when I said this was the most terrifying thing ever. Then there is a beating on the back door off the kitchen, and my hubs finally hollers out, "Ash, you ok?! Let me in!" ...

There are two things that terrify me beyond words. People in windows (thanks Tom and Huck... the movie with Johnathon Taylor Thomas... there is a scene where the bad guy pops up in the window) and people chasing me up stairs.

Happy Halloween to me, I guess. That is enough of the scary business, though. Seriously.


  1. you're not a nutcase. i would've freaked too! glad it was your hubby and not a psycho axe murderer!

  2. Sorry to laugh, but that is pretty funny! Only because I can imagine it all happening to me! :) Glad it worked out though. :)