Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Traditions

Honestly, we don't really do anything overly crazy for Halloween around here. We do seems to have a couple of things that don't change much. My sister usually throws a costume party for the adults, and that is a lot of fun for us! We get to dress up, dance, and have a good time. As for the little one, well, we have only had one Halloween so far, and she was so young we just dressed her up to show her off.

This year, my hubby is planning something super secret for us to do tonight that is themed for the holiday. Only, I seriously have NO IDEA what it is. He had forgotten that tonight was my sister's party, so we will be skipping that this year. I am excited!

We will be taking Lil'bug to show off her costume to her grandparents and some family friends. She is still too young for real Trick or Treating.

What do you usually do for Halloween?

Oh, want to scare the pants off yourself?! My friend posted THIS website's link on Facebook the other day. I watched it. I kind of freaked out and wanted to crawl into Lil'bug's crib and sleep in there with her. It is seriously disturbing... but if you are looking for something to spook you and get you in the Halloween spirit, then check it out.

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  1. That sounds fun that he has a surprise planned for you! We don't have any traditions, per say but tonight hubby and I are going to hit up the haunted forest and a haunted corn maze. I am super excited!